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Sources of development-related clip-art

DevelopmentArt has been able to find only a few collections of copyright-free art relating specifically to development issues. Most of the material below is print-on-paper. Doubtless there exists wads of stuff on the Internet too, but we haven't had time to look for it. We'd be grateful for pointers to any other good sources. Please contact us with details.

Drawing water: A resource book of illustrations on water and sanitation in low-income countries by Rod Shaw. This book of black and white line illustrations contains over 200 images concerning water supplies and sanitation in low-income countries. Covering subjects from handpumps, standposts and community wells to pit latrines and solid waste disposal, it will prove an invaluable resource for teachers, project managers, fieldworkers, and health professionals active in communication, education and other development work. CD-ROM of illustrations comes withthe book. Purchase from WEDC. More information here.
  Clip art for development: Copyright-free illustrations for development, by Paul Mundy and Hendi Bachtiar, published in 1992 by the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011, USA. Mostly agricultural topics, including crops, livestock and people. Contact Professor Eric Abbott.
Where there is no artist: Development drawings and how to use them by Petra Röhr-Rouendaal, published in 1997 by Intermediate Technology Publications, 103-105 Southampton Row, London WCIB 4HH, UK. Excellent collection of artwork by a professional designer, focusing mainly on health. ISBN: 1853393916. Order it from Developmentbookshop or Amazon.com.
  The Copy Book: Copyright-free Illustrations for Development, edited by Bob Linney, published in 1988 by Intermediate Technology Publications, 103-105 Southampton Row, London WCIB 4HH, UK. Illustrations by professional artists on development themes: health, shelter, and so forth. Order it from Developmentbookshop or Amazon.com.
  Audiovisual Communication Handbook, edited by Dennis W. Pett and published by World Neighbors, though no longer available from them. Contains many useful ideas on improving communication, as well as a small collection of clip art. 
  Caribbean Clip Art Book, published by the Regional Extension Communications Unit, Department of Agricultural Extension, Faculty of Agriculture, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago. Pictures of crops and farming scenes typical of the Caribbean.
  Catalogue of Illustrations for the Production of Visual Aids, published in 1986 by AFRC Institute of Engineering Research, Wrest Park, Silsoe, Bedford, MK45 4HS , United Kingdom. Pictures of agricultural engineering tasks such as welding and equipment operation, farm machinery, and draft animals.
  Working with Villagers: Media Resource Book, Fieldworker Edition, published in 1981 by the American Home Economics Association, 1555 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia 223 14, USA. Contains simple line drawings of women, children, foods and livestock, as well as techniques for making low-cost media materials.
  The International Women's Tribune Centre has produced three short sets of clip art focusing on women: Rural women in action, Woman: The password is action, and Feminist logos. They can be obtained from ITWC, 777 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017, USA.

Newspaper publishers regularly use clip art when preparing advertisements. Several commercial publishers produce collections of such artwork on paper (now increasingly on CD-ROM or the Internet). Because most of this art is prepared for commercial uses in North America and Europe, little is suitable for developing countries. Here are some exceptions:

  • Food Art, published by Dynamic Graphics (Peoria, Illinois, USA). Temperate-climate fruits and vegetables.
  • Graphic Source Clip Art Book Library, published by Graphic Products Corporation (Wheeling, Illinois 60090, USA). Books containing illustrations of food, people, facial expressions, transportation, etc.
  • Ready-to-Use Illustrations series published by Dover Publications, 31 East 2nd Street, Mineola, New York 11501, USA, and available at The Dover Bookshop, 18 Earlham St, London WC2 H9L, UK; www.doverbooks.co.uk. Books with illustrations of food, hands, office and business scenes. Dover also publishes collections of copyright-free traditional designs from various parts of the world, including Africa, India, Japan and Islamic cultures. Contact images@thedoverbookshop.com
  • Entourage: A Tracing File by Ernest Burden (McGraw-Hill, 1991). A collection of photographs and line drawings of people for architects and interior designers. While the content is exclusively American/European, many of the figures could be adapted to create pictures of people and scenes in developing countries. Order it from Amazon.com.
  • Clip Art Book 6 by ACE (Agricultural Communicators in Education), published by Interstate Publishers, PO Box 50, Danville, Illinois 61834-0050, USA (tel. 2l7-446-0500, fax 217-446-9706). Crops, live stock, farm scenes and other materials designed for use by farm and home economics communicators in the United States.
  • Visual Fairness Clip Art Handbook, published in 1985 by the Agricultural Extension Service, University of Minnesota, 405 Coffey Hall, 1420 Eckles Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota 55108 (tel. 612-625-2787). Has pictures of women and US ethnic minorities that could be used in a developing country context.

If you're looking for graphics not related to development, there's an enormous range available. There's free stuff, and stuff you have to pay for. The problem is not whether what you want exists: rather, it's finding it.

Directories and search engines

wpe51.jpg (2068 bytes) Clipart.com: Lists many sites for free and commercial clip art, but no descriptions as to the content. You just have to guess from the title of each site.

barrysclipartserver.gif (3120 bytes)

Barry's clip art server: Use the Search page or scan the Main Index for subjects.


WebPlaces Clip Art Review: Fewer sites in the listing, but there's a useful two-line description of the contents of each.

WebPlaces has a useful search engine for graphics. Hint: try to be as specific as possible about the subject you are looking for. Eg, type "cacao tree" rather than "cocoa".

Free clip art

Download artwork from the Internet. If you like a picture, right-click on it and choose "Save picture as..." Note that the illustrations on web pages are all GIF or JPEG format, which tend to be lower resolution than is required for print-on-paper publication. Strictly speaking, you should get copyright permission before using pictures downloaded from the Internet.

Lots of buttons, backgrounds and generic images are available on the Web. Try searching WebPlaces or Yahoo for what you want.

Subvertise: hundreds of images and cartoons covering a spectrum of issues including transport, war, climate-change, racism, genetics, corporations, sexuality, education, and globalisation, all carrying the same message - that people and the planet should be put before corporate profits. Many graphics are available for download, to be reprinted in newspapers, magazines and websites.
Tree species of Borneo: Botanical drawings of trees.
Insects: sources of insect pictures from Iowa State University's Entomology Department.

Commercial clip art

arttoday.gif (2063 bytes) ArtToday: Online clip-art subscription service. Includes the Dover collection.
QuickArt: published by Wheeler Arts, 66 Lake Park, Champaign, IL 61822-7132 US, tel. +1-217-359-6816, fax +1-217-359-8716, email  wheelers@aol.com. A variety of clip art (downloadable or on CD-ROM) of farm animals, crops, fruit, grain and vegetables, as well as international scenes. Purchase online or buy CD-ROMs. Many agricultural pictures, with North American bias.
Corel. Go Further. Corel: Set of CD-ROMs with 1,000,000 images: photos, clip art, fonts, web graphics, animated GIFs and so forth.
Drawshop: Humourous drawings by Danish cartoonist Poul Carlsen. Plus lots of buttons linking you to other clip art sites.

Lots of other commercial clip art is available on CD-ROM.

Various other publications are good sources of artwork. However, most of these are copyrighted, so cannot be reproduced freely. You should always be careful to ask the publisher of copyrighted artwork for permission to reproduce it. Most non-commercial publishers, such as government agencies and international institutions, provide such permissions free of charge—as do many commercial publishers. Here are some good sources:

humanity.gif (13056 bytes) The Humanity Development Library is a CD-ROM containing nearly 800 development-related books and reports, including a huge number of black-and-white images. It also includes many of the drawings developed by IIRR for its publications (see below). It's worth getting for the pictures alone, though they can be hard to find and catalogue.
The International Institute for Rural Reconstruction's training materials. Contact the Education and Training Division, IIRR, Silang, Cavite 4118, Philippines.
Fao.gif (2142 bytes)wpe4B.jpg (2569 bytes) Publications of FAO and other United Nations agencies.
irri.jpg (2859 bytes) The International Rice Research Institute's Farmer 's Primer series.
wpe50.jpg (1886 bytes) World Neighbors' Practical guide to dryland farming series.
Development magazines such as D+C and Appropriate Technology.

You can get enormous numbers of photos on CD-ROM (the collection by Corel is one example), but few of the images are development-oriented. Here are some collections of development-related photos.

wrenmedia.gif (4534 bytes) WRENMedia: photo library of colour slides and prints of agriculture, aquaculture, environment and general rural development.
panos.gif (19770 bytes) Panos Pictures: photo agency specialising in documentary photography with a focus on political, cultural, economic and social issues in Africa, Asia, former Soviet Union, Middle East and Latin America.
Fao.gif (2142 bytes) FAO: photo library, searchable by keyword, with short paragraph describing each photo.

AgriSurf! Banner

Agrisurf: Site devoted to agriculture. Click on "Images" for a list of sites with photos and artwork.
cgiar.jpg (13460 bytes) CGIAR: Limited number of photos from the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research, the umbrella organization for international ag research centers.
photoshr.gif (3500 bytes) Johns Hopkins: Media/Materials Clearinghouse of the Center for Communication Programs at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health is an online database of international photographs related to reproductive health, public health, and population in developing countries. Share your own photos too!

Media/Materials Clearinghouse, 111 Market Place, Suite 310, Baltimore, MD 21202, USA, tel. +1-410- 659 6300, fax +1-410-659.6266, lvelasco@jhuccp.org

undercon.gif (293 bytes) Any more useful sources? Please help improve this site by emailing them to us.

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